Professor David A. Bell of Princeton writing in Substack in response to a charge of genocide made by Professor Timothy Snyder1 of Yale: the geopolitical situation created by Putin’s invasion [of Ukraine] remains enormously dangerous, and we cannot only take into consideration the…
A call to action
"Antisemitism is spreading like wildfire"
The massacres of 1648
Felix Nussbaum Orgelmann (Organ Grinder), 1942/1943
Her family went, in two generations, from being detained by French police because of their Judaism to becoming France's prime minister
Canadian historian Margaret MacMillan writing in The Globe and Mail: The horrors of the Second World War still live on in our memories but that…
Katrin Bennhold has a heartbreaking story in The New York Times about Ukrainian refugees arriving in Berlin. Berliners are going out of their way to…
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