February 4, 2019

BBC Witness: The Death of Hitler’

In 1989, the Zina Rohan of the BBC interviewed Traudl Junge. Junge worked as a secretary for Adolf Hitler during WWII. She was in the bunker in Berlin when he committed suicide in 1945 as the Red Army closed in. She explains that Hitler was only close to his mistress and wife Eva Braun and his dog.

In the 1989 BBC interview - which incidentally was the year the Berlin wall fell - Junge expresses admiration for Hitler. Later she was featured in a film called Blind Spot: Hitler’s Secretary (“Im toten Winkel” in German). In that 90-minute interview released in 2002, Junge sees Hitler in a far less favorable light. The comparison is interesting. Junge died of cancer in the same year the film was released. She was 81.

BBC Witness - Overcast

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