February 7, 2019

China: Serious Allegations of Human Organ Harvesting

British human rights activist and journalist Benedict Rogers explains in The Wall Street Journal that China is accused of brutal forced organ harvesting from prisoners:

The sto­ries are bru­tal. Dr. En­ver To­hti, a for­mer sur­geon from Xin­jiang, tes­ti­fied in the British, Irish and Eu­ropean par­lia­ments to re­mov­ing or­gans from a pris­oner forcibly in 1995. We had been told to wait be­hind a hill, and come into the field as soon as we’d hear the gun­shot,” he re­called. A mo­ment later there were gun­shots. Not one, but many. We rushed into the field. An armed po­lice of­fi­cer approached us and told me where to go. He led us closer, then pointed to a body, say­ing, This is the one.’ By then our chief sur­geon ap­peared from nowhere and told me to re­move the liver and two kid­neys.” Ac­cord­ing to Dr. To­hti, the man’s wound was not nec­es­sar­ily fa­tal. But Dr. To­hti went ahead and re­moved the liver and kid­neys while the man’s heart was still beat­ing.

This makes me think of the medical experiments Josef Mengele conducted at Auschwitz. Why is this less important in the press than the most recent ephemeral tweet?

If these allegations are true, I would gladly pay extra for an iPhone that did not come from a country that supports such practices.

Source: The Nightmare of Human Organ Harvesting in China

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