October 19, 2021

Michel Bacos, French Hero Pilot of Jet Hijacked to Entebbe and Nazi Fighter, Dies at 94

The New York Times:

Michel Bacos, the valiant French pilot who was forced by terrorists to fly his jetliner to Entebbe, Uganda, in 1976, but refused to abandon Jewish passengers before an audacious rescue by Israeli commandos, died on Tuesday [March 26, 2019] in Nice, France. He was 94.

Bacos was born in Egypt in 1924, where his father worked at the Suez Canal. He joined the Free French Forces as a teenager during World War II and was stationed in Morocco as a naval aviation officer.

Bacos understood the dangers of fascism. He explained that he fought the Nazis and knew precisely what fascism was all about. The genocide is a horror that none of us had forgotten.”

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