December 27, 2018

NYTimes: Germany’s Far-Right Rebrands: Friendlier Face, Same Doctrine”

New York Times Berlin Bureau Chief, Katrin Bennhold, writing in The New York Times:

Better dressed, better educated and less angry than the skinheads of old - at least in public - they see themselves on the front line of a counterrevolution fought by a loose but increasingly well-networked web of actors in politics, publishing, civil society and business who call themselves the new right.”

Their aim: to bring down liberalism and rid Europe of non-European immigrants.

The new right” seeks to distance itself from the old right,” which in Germany means neo-Nazis. Many analysts and officials consider this little more than clever rebranding. But they worry that it could allow groups like Generation Identity to act as a conduit between conservatism and extremism and draw young people into their orbit.

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