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Holocaust Museum Pays Tribute to Historian Peter Hayes Mar 7, 2019 Scholarship & History & Books & YouTube & Video The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum pays tribute to Professor Peter Hayes of Northwestern University for his long-term contributions to Holocaust Yale History Professor Puts the ‘Alt-Right’ in Historical Perspective Feb 3, 2019 Yale & History & alt-right & Nazi & Books & NYTimes Yale history professor Timothy Snyder writing in The New York Times: When the supporters of the alt-right chant that “Jews will not replace us,” Richard Cohen: “Anti-Semitism is not just another opinion. The New York Times should know better.” Dec 25, 2018 NYTimes & Antisemitism & Books & Holocaust & Judaism & Ethics & Journalism & Newspaper Richard Cohen, writing in The Washington Post, about The New York Times interview of Alice Walker, author of “The Color Purple”: Over the